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Feliway Calming Diffuser Refill for Cats - 48ml By Feliway

Was: £26.86
Price:£14.99Save £11.87 (44%)
Was: £26.86
Price:£14.99Save £11.87 (44%)

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5 reviews


Better than your average cat


First visit to this site and a great experience. Received great service with great prices and delivery 2 days earlier than scheduled. Will definitely be bac.



Barry was over grooming for no apparent reason. It seems to have improved slightly since using feliway diffuser

Sophisticat 7 day cat litter


I was so pleased to find this seller on Ebay as I cannot get this cat litter at any supermarket near me & the price including post & packing was terrific & very reasonable.

<br>I will definitely be using this seller again & recommending them to friends & family.

Feliway Diffuser

by -

arrived early and has calmed my cat down already ......brilliant

Made no difference!!


After reading several great reviews I thought I’d buy this to see if it’d stop my cat scratching at the furniture-No such luck, I have now had this plugged in for a while & there has not been one bit of change in my cat. I would say this product truly is a waste of money