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Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult 9+ with Optiage Dry Dog Food - 3kg By Pro Plan

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Was: £18.99
Price:£17.10Save £1.89 (10%)

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Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult 9+ with Optiage Dry Dog Food - 3kg Description & Review

Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult 9+ with Optiage Dry Dog Food - 3kg

Manufacturer's View

Helps supports healthy ageing thanks to nutrition adapted to small dogs of 9+ years
Contains high quality pieces of chicken.

Small and mini dogs reach their golden years around the age of nine. If your smaller dog is a senior, giving him a food specially formulated for senior dogs may be beneficial. PURINA PRO PLAN Small & Mini Adult 9+ with OPTIAGE, contains an exclusive blend of nutrients that will help keep him as lively and curious as he can be. Found in our complete senior dog foods, OPTIAGE is a patented* blend of nutrients proven to help increase your dog's brain function. It helps increase activity levels, liveliness and interest in playtime in ageing dogs through carefully selected ingredients. Made with high quality pieces of chicken, our senior dog food has been specially formulated by PURINA experts to help you make the most of your time together. To help support healthy ageing and help your dog continue to reach his full potential, give him the very best food for his changing needs. *patent pending

OPTIAGE is proven to help enhance brain function and helps increase activity levels, liveliness and interest in playtime so you can keep living an amazing life together.

A combination of key nutrients help to support healthy joints for your small senior dog's active lifestyle. 

Proven to help enhance brain function for more active years through our exclusive blend of nutrients.



Dehydrated Poultry Protein
Chicken (14%)
Soya Meal
Vegetable Oil Fractions
Rice (4%)
Dried Beet Pulp
Animal Fat
Maize Grits
Fish Oil


Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Fat content:15.0%
Crude ash:7.5%
Crude fibres:2.0%
Nutritional AdditivesIU/kg:
Vit. A:30 000
Vit. D3:975
Vit. E:550
Vit. C:140
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate:203
Calcium iodate anhydrous:2.6
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:40
Manganous sulphate monohydrate:97
Zinc sulphate monohydrate:343
Sodium selenite:0.24
Technological additives:mg/kg:
Bentonite (clay):6 000
With antioxidants


Daily Feeding Guide

<1h activity 1 to 3h activity >3h activity
10-15kg 180-235 205-270
15-20kg 235-285 270-330
20-25kg 285-330 330-385

Feeding Guide: See table for recommended daily feeding amounts. These amounts are guidelines only. To help keep your dog in an ideal body condition, adjust according to your dog's activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dog's health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.

Ratings & Reviews

44 reviews


Trial time


My 2 shihtzus have taken instantly to this food.They are fussy eaters,especially the older who really needs a pick me up.Hopefully the results are as good as the empty bowls.I introduced with a little cooked meat as this is their usual diet.Seemed to enjoy & 2 empty bowls.

Top quality complete food for the elderly dog


My little 14 year old Border Terrier cross is really enjoying Purina Pro Plan with Optiage for small dogs. Because he can be a fussy eater I sometimes struggle to find a good food that he likes, so I was delighted to come across Purina Pro Plan with Optiage. He has very quickly and easily adjusted to this new food and is eating much better. The size of the food is perfect for little dogs and mixes well with wet food if desired. Because he is eating better he has more energy and consequently is enjoying his walks more. I will definitely be buying this product again.

All the Goodness in Purina Premium food


There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that Purina pet food brand cares for the well being of every dogs.
<br>He loves eating his new Pro Plan Optiage food. I trust Purina to tell me which products range are suitable for certain age.



Started last Saturday giving my Yorkshire terrier a little with her normal food she love it and left her normal but it give her a bad belly at the start but now she’s fine with it

First impressions...


Very happy with this food. Very good that it is especially for older dogs. My little pug is 9 years old and he is looking brighter and seems to be more comfortable with his pain in his legs. Love this brand. He gobbles this food right up!

So far so good


I started using this on 12th June for my 10 year old Lhasa apso. I cant say iv noticed a difference in her behaviour but she seems to love it, eats it very quickly and straight away (usually buries dry food several times before eating it). Shes eaten it straight from the bowl as well as eating a mouthful, bringing it into the living room and then eating them one by one which is also usual behaviour for her. Even my senior cat has had a nibble on them and he`s usually loyal to Iams. I am hoping she continues to enjoy it as other dry food iv tried tend to just sit in the bowl untouched.

Any Breed A Good Feed


An Excellent Food For Any Breed, This Ideal Dry Gives Your Older Dog Everything Its Needs, You'll Notice A Difference In Ability After A Weeks Feed, My Dog Seems Alot More Alert & Energetic Now Compared To Before Where She Was Lithargic & Couldn't Handle Long Walks. She's 9 & Deserves The Best I Can Give Her, As Not Only A Pet But A Valuable Family Member. 🐶🐕❤

Going down a treat


My 9yr old JRT is a little bit of a fussy eater and when trying this food I was a little dubious she would eat it. Well so far so good, clean bowl morning and night and she is looking around for scraps less and less. I also like the bag design as only a corner opens and has a reseal strip to ensure freshness is maintained. My only issue is that the kibble is a little small for my 7kg dog, who doesn't always chew the kibble.

Pro plan optiage


Pro plan optiage is very high quality food, my dogs seem to love it and get excited when I go to the bag. I have been using this for several days and can all ready see an improvement, they seem to have more energy and seem happier in themselves. Would defiantly recommend.

Pro plan optiage


This food is high quality, My dogs seem to love it and get excited when i go to the bag. Have been using it for several days and the dogs seem happier in themselves and have more energy. I would defiantly recommend.

Great for fussy small dogs!


I have been feeding Purina Pro Plan Optiage to my 9yr old Chug for over a fortnight and he seems to love it. He can be very fussy and suddenly goes off dry food, after eating it for months! This kibble is very small so perfect for little mouths.
<br>I have been feeding him the Pro Plan Optiage with wet food at dinnertime and alone in the morning - he enjoys both. The food claims to increase liveliness and I really believe it does. My Chug has been more active and playing with my younger 3yr old dog more. I would definitely recommend.

Lovng it


Trying this out as part of a campaign. So far so good. My dog, Buster, likes it and eats every morsel. Was easy to move him over to the new food. No upset tummy or any effects. Only been on the new food for a few days so still too early to notice any improvements yet, but as he’s an old dog may take a bit for the benefits of the food to kick and improvements in his health to be noticeable. Though there’s still time yet.
<br>Will wait a bit longer before deciding if buying in the future.

Fur babies new favorite


Teeny has spent the last week getting used to this. She enjoyed it from the 1st time I mixed it with her food. She is usually really fussy with dry food but I'm sure the size helped. She has been wanting to go outside more than usual so could potentially be more active.



I’ve been using this a few weeks and my chihuahua loves it. I mixed it with his current food as advised but he left his current food and ate all of this. He’s taken to this new god really well and it seems great so far. I’ll be buying it again. It’s a great size. Nice and small for older small doggies.

Making a difference in older dogs


I have been using this for over a week with my dog and have started to see the benefits. She is making more of an effort to get about and interact with the children in the family. Finding a feed that benefits her as she grows old is great.

Excellent results


I have been feeding my dog this for a little over a month and I am already seeing an improvement.
<br>His coat is glossier, eyes are brighter and he is definitely more alert and mentally sharp.
<br>As a ‘senior’ dog I want to keep him happy and healthy for as long as possible and I know he is getting a high quality diet with the vitamins and nutrients in this food.
<br>My dog can be quite fussy but he really enjoys this and the changeover from his previous food was excellent.
<br>I am so glad that I discovered this food, my dog is my constant companion and I am reassured by the knowledge that he is getting the best diet possible.

Oap shih tzu gives it the paws up


I have been using a week or so
<br>one night I was feeding her and she was extra excited and over the next few days she has been full of energy - usually I have to encourage her around her walks however she has been jumping up madly as she leaves the house.
<br>Tonight she entertained herself playing with her favourite toy on her own as I was occupied. This may not seem like much but she came to me not knowing how to play and now plays but only if I really emphasise it and try and make it exciting and its usually short lived. Tonight she was rolling around on her furry rug with her toy throwing in air and generally having fun. To me this is amazing and it all seems to tie in with the time frame of starting her pro plan food. If this is the case it will be something we continue. Also she appears to be eating less quantity than previously which I take is due to the quality.

Early days


My 10 year old border terrier is usually a fussy eater with a sensitive digestion. He has been gradually introduced to the new food and is now eating it twice a day with no signs of an upset tummy. The kibble is small and easy for him to eat too.
<br>I haven't noticed any changes in his energy levels yet but it's early days as he's only been eating it for a week. He's an old dog so it may take a while to improve his joints and mobility.
<br>ProPlan with Optiage is good value for money and I'll definitely keep him on this food if I see improvements to his health.

poppy and pro plan with optic ge dry dog food


Poppy bein a older dog, and very quiet and sleepy all the 5ime but since she’s started her new dog food she is more alert moving about moreand loving it so much I’d recommend this food for any dog that seems to sleep constant due to b3ing older

Oap shih tzu gives it the paws up


My older girl loves this food although she still prefers to have it mixed with her wet she no longer just sucks kibble and she cleans her bowl. I wasn't convinced by claims of alertness and more interactive and forgot completely about them until I was thinking she's full of energy tonight and was running on her walk and has been walking further each night. She even picked up her toy and started to throw it about without me instigating play which is not her previously where I would get that typical shih tzu look of you want me to chase that. Glad I tried this food out now and she will be staying on it for the future

Loved it


My dogs absolutely loved this food. I have three miniature dachshunds and they switched to this dog food instantly. They all tucked straight in and they can't get enough of it!

Oh what a difference


My elderly dog loves the small kibbles as they are easy to eat and to digest.his coat feels really soft since we changed to this food.

Dog loves it!


I got a bag of this food to try from the insiders and at first my dog wasn't too sure but as I mixed it in with his usual food he got used to it and loves it now. He seems to have more energy and more playful so I will definitely carry on buying!

What an improvement


I have two Yorkies who are advancing in years. One of them has joint issues but still loves to run and play. You can tell his issues slow him down and frustrate him. After a few weeks on this Pro Plan he has a real spring in his step!! He seems to have less joint pain and his coat is so beautifully shiny. I'm so impressed with the results. Also, they love the food that much I can even use it as training treats. The kibble size is perfect and they took to the new food straight away. Overall, a winner in my household!

Dog loves it


At first my pooch wasn't too sure and then after mixing in with his original food he loves it. He seems more alert and playful since eating this!